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Charlottesville, and our Country, are in need of Criminal Justice Reform

We are spending an enormous amount of money on a system that just doesn't work and isn't supported by evidence. As Commonwealth's Attorney, I will commit to finding solutions and not repeat mistakes; and always protect the liberties and rights we all share. We can affect real change of a broken system. Learn as much as you can, and register to vote! Here you can find links to some great sources and information regarding our criminal justice system.

The Land of the Free?

The United States has 25% of the world's incarcerated population.

Equal Justice Under the Law?

African Americans represent 12% of the total population of drug users, but 38% of those arrested for drug offenses, and 59% of those in state prison for a drug offense.

The Great Melting Pot?

We need to do our part to end the war on immigrants. Under current policy, many American's immigrant ancestors would not be allowed entry.


Working For and Conducting Research on Criminal Justice Reform:

Bibliography on the issues


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“Get out of jail free, or criminal justice reform?,”

Collateral Consequences:

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Criminal Law:

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Criminal Justice Reforms:

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Mass Incarceration:

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Race & Criminal Justice:

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The Need for Justice Reform

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