Vote Fogel
June 13th

Charlottesville's Candidate for Progressive Criminal Justice Reform

Democratic Candidate Jeff Fogel:

"Our criminal justice system is in need of serious repair. I’m running for Commonwealth Attorney because I have the ideas, independence, and determination to reform this office. If elected, I will make significant changes in the way the criminal justice system works in Charlottesville and be an advocate for criminal justice reform."

a vision for better justice



Focus enforcement on violent crime, not simple marijuana possession.

Reform mandatory minimum sentencing that keeps nonviolent drug offenders in prison for too long—increasing racial inequality in our criminal justice system

Prioritize treatment and rehabilitation—rather than incarceration—for low-level, nonviolent drug offenders

End cash bail imprisonment - No one should be in jail because they can't afford bail



Acknowledge that implicit bias still exists across society—even in the best police departments—and tackle it together. 

End racial discrimination facilitated by stop-and-frisk and racially charged searches

Reform or disband JADE to devote less resources on arresting people for simply being drug users and turning them against their own communities.

Make sure each defendant is aware of the evidence against them (discovery is very restrictive in Virginia)



It is the right of the community to set goals for reform. That begins with collecting and reporting data to inform policing strategies and provide greater transparency

Convene a citizen advisory council to advise the Commonwealth Attorney's office on policy and to give feedback on our practices.

Support community wide discussion about what role Charlottesville should play in the war on drugs and the war on immigrants, as well as sentencing reform 

Accountable Stop & Frisk

proposal to decriminalize

Speaking out against criminalizing of marijuana possession, fighting the same fight since 2012

Defending Peaceful Assembly

Military Industrial Complex

Your Rights Vs. police conduct

Reform begins with the C.A.

Why Criminal Justice Reform begins with the Commonwealth Attorney. This is a must watch!


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